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Music is one of the most important pieces of a great wedding.  It can make or break an event. We are committed to giving you the best dance music to ensure everyone has a the time of their lives!  We are open to operating exactly how you want, Taking requests or not taking requests, playing specific style of music, etc. Your wish is our command.  We don't want you to worry about the entertainment when NITRO MUSIC is playing.  We have an amazing line up of live musicians and great DJ's.

Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

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Gifyyy is not your average Photo Booth.  It is something completely different and so much fun!  Everyone is talking about how much they love how Gifyyy looks and how it's so easy and fun!  It doesn't take up much space at all, so can fit nearly anywhere.  Check out the video by hitting the button below to see the experience!

Digital Photobooth

Gifyyy Photobooth

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the most fun and unique way for you to capture heartfelt messages from your friends and family. Our audio guestbook is easy to use and adds a personal touch to your special day.

Here's how it works:

- Your guests will pick up the phone
- They will then hear a welcome message
- After the welcome message they will then leave their message and it'll automatically record after the beep.
- We'll send you all the messages within 14 days of your Wedding.
- Sit back, relax, and listen to all the love and well wishes pour in.

An Audio Guestbook

Audio Gugestbook

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